Session Outline

The 3 E's

Each unit is a package of sub-units that are vertically aligned through the backwards planning process. With our program being after-school based, the curriculum provides a progressive structure that allows students to explore the arts. As we grow and evolve, we plan to conduct a check and revision session every semester so our roots will run deeper for students in the community. 

Unit 1: Explore
  • Covers standards 1 & 2
  • Incorporates concepts 1 & 2
Unit 2: Educate
  • Covers standard 3
  • Incorporates concepts 3 & 4
Unit 3: Execute
  • Covers standards 2 & 4
  • Left over/chosen concepts

What We're Currently Focused On

Our curriculum is aligned with the 2020 CDE Dance Standards. Each class is goal oriented with leadership building, interpersonal awareness and physical activity! (Click on arrows for descriptions)

Movement, Technique, and Performance

Create, Compose and Choreograph

Historical and Cultural Context

Reflect, Connect, and Respond

Interact with CDE Standards
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Personal Responsibility Model

The Personal Responsibility Model ensures that we are dedicated to the growth of the whole child.


The PRM is made up of:

  • Core Teachings:  Performing Arts/Leadership Skills

  • Our SEL Concepts: Flexibility/Strength/Endurance/Balance  

  • Inquiry-based Learning: Students take ownership of their learning environment 

The world around us is constantly changing. We challenge our students to use critical thinking as well as creativity for problem solving, establishing community while communicating and growing through life with an active sense of self-awareness and personal responsibility. Students will engage in our Personal Responsibility Model throughout the course of the 8-10-week sessions. Mentally and physically channeling the PRM, students are engaging in distinct practices- defined as "isms". We factor in Mindful Movement by incorporating movement meditations and mindfulness before or after class. Lastly, inquiry-based learning helps students co-create their learning environment.



Core Teachings

Inquiry-based Learning

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