Enrollment Information/Classes We Currently Offer

Dance Trendz: In this class we love to Milly Rock, Nae Nae (and reverse), hit the Woah, Floss, learn current Tik Tok dances and more! Dance has become a trend all in itself! Those who aren't dancers by choice know how to hit these cool moves like a pro! Crazy right? 

During the course of the session, students will explore fun dance trends from back in the day all the way to today! They will be educated on when and where these awesome movements originated and how they play a big part in the entertainment industry! Lastly, students will execute choreography combining a timeline of movements.

Create, Set, Action!: This class is all about performance enhancement, camera presence, groovy moves, and fun, fun, FUN! During the course of the session, students will explore team work and creative control. From planning matching outfits to learning our students' favorite music video choreography, students will learn what it's like to be on a music video set. They will be educated on top choreographers/artists/artistic directors/videographers in the entertainment industry. Lastly, students will work together to plan out and execute a music video. Students will record, edit, and publish the video for friends and family to see!

Funk Fundamentals: This class is targeted for students to gain basic directional movement skills in Old School Hip-Hop and Funk styles. Students will gain an understanding and foundation of Hip-Hop movement execution, creativity, flow, and confidence!  During the course of the session, students will explore various warm-ups, across the floor movements, as well as choreography. They will be educated on the roots of Hip-Hop. Where it was born, pioneers back then and today! Lastly, students will take their newfound knowledge and execute through projects and performance!

Hip-Hop Offerings
Ballet Offerings

Ballet Fusion: This class combines Ballet, Jazz, and Hip-Hop all in one! How!? We have put together a secret formula that allows these diverse disciplines to complement each other! During the course of the session, students will explore the different techniques that all three styles have to offer. Can students attempt a pirouette and nae nae out of it? Of course they can! They will be educated on the skills and focus of cross discipline work while moving across all three styles. Students will enjoy everything about Ballet, Jazz, and Hip-Hop in a juicy sandwich! They will take their awesome skills and execute a choreographed piece at the end of the session.

Ballet 101: This class is targeted for students who want to twirl on their toes and put on a show! During the course of the session students will explore the fundamentals of Ballet while gaining the skills of learning and interpreting Ballet vocabulary into movement. They will be educated on class etiquette, confidence building strategies, translating music to movement, and how to keep up in class. They will compile all of this wonderful information and execute a piece of choreography.  

Jazz Offerings

Jazz 101: This class is targeted for students who want to feel sassy, dramatic,and free while focusing on proper Jazz technique! During the course of the session, students will explore the fundamentals that Jazz dance has to offer such as turns, jumps, leaps, sassy walks, and more! They will be educated on the foundations of Jazz and the importance of its role in the dance world. Lastly, students will gussy up their new skills and execute a piece of choreography!


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 Notes to Keep in Mind About Tuition and Payments:

  • Drop in classes are not permitted.

  • Prorated tuition is available for students who enroll after the first class. 

  • If a class is cancelled due to weather etc., Bodyisms LLC will offer a make-up class.

  • We do not give credits or refunds for classes missed mid-session. 

  • After the second week of class, students with unpaid tuition balances may be asked to sit out of class until tuition payment is received. 

For the last 3 years we have taught up to 250 students! We have taught at the following schools and dance studios:

  • Your Souls Movement Performing Arts Center

  • Premier Academy of Dance

  • DSST: Cole High School

  • Denver Human Services

  • Step In Style Dance

  • Kulan Village Homeschool

  • Swigert International School

  • The Freedom School

  • Grant Beacon Middle School

  • Colfax Elementary

  • Visions Performing Arts Company

  • Cole Arts & Science Academy

  • Thornton High School

  • Omar D. Blair Charter School

  • High Tech Elementary

  • Bryant Webster Dual Language School

  • Stedman Elementary

  • Dora Moore Elementary