Our Core Values

  • Honor personal responsibility

  • Constantly provide safe spaces 

  • Practice mindful integrity

  • Practice self-care

We strongly believe in applying our core values and Personal Responsibility Model (PRM) directly into our curriculum, the flow of our community classes and movement practices. Every concept in the PRM is applied through social emotional learning. Fusing both mind and body as one allows a sense of enhanced self-awareness and freedom within our students and clients.

 SEL Concepts:

  1. Flexibility: Learning how to adapt/ adjust to changes in circumstances.

  2. Strength: Owning who and where you are in life by challenging perspectives with diversity and differences.

  3. Endurance: Honoring the journey through growth by enduring and reflecting on the hardships while celebrating great efforts.

  4. Balance: Recognizing that ups & downs, twists & turns as well as clarity & confusion breeds character growth and personal values.

Our Mission:

Always encourage every student and client we work with to embody personal responsibility through distinctive practices of mindful movement

The Vision:

Develop future generations of wholesome leaders of color in the performing arts industry 

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